Best Australian Beef Jerky Brands

Beef jerky is a very popular snack that is enjoyed by Australians all around the country. This serves a purpose for many different eating occasions, from a snack at a picnic to finger food at a party or something to nibble on while hiking or exercising. Beef jerky is very practical as a snack because it is low in fat but high in protein.

When enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, beef jerky can be very delicious and nutritious. It comes in many different flavours and has a long shelf life, so it can also be bought in bulk and enjoyed over time.

There are many good Australian producers of beef jerky. Many products can be bought online or in local stores. Some companies even ship around the whole country for additional convenience.

To ensure that you are buying the best possible product, stick to good quality brands. Unfortunately, there are many brands of beef jerky available in supermarkets that are made from low quality meat and have many additives, such as preservatives and MSG. These are not only less tasty, but also much more unhealthy.

While you might spend a bit more on good quality beef jerky, the difference is really worthwhile. When you buy from a company that uses 100% Australian beef that is organically and ethically raised, you are getting a better taste in the product as well as support local farmers. This is also a much more ethical and responsible choice as a consumer to support meat production sustainability. It will help the future of your favourite beef treat along the way, too.

Each year the Sydney Royal Fine Foods competition takes place. The competition has a Beef Jerky category. More information can be found here including the 2017 results for best beef jerky

Some of the top rating brands for Australian homegrown beef jerky include the following:

  • Bigwig Jerky Co.
  • Aussie Beef Jerky
  • Bulk Beef Jerky
  • Bald Rock Beef Jerky
  • Noosa Jerky Co.
  • The Biltong Man
  • Bulbar Beef Jerky
  • Heavenly Jerky
  • Barossa Fine Foods
  • Ironhide Jerky
  • Kev’s Jerky
  • Mad Cow Jerky
  • Nick’s Australian Beef Jerky

Many of these brands are distributed around the country through online retailers. You may also find them in larger stores such as Costco around the country. However, buying online is probably the most economical and convenient option. Some of the most reputable online retailers include:

  • Bulk Beef Jerky
  • The Jerky Shop
  • Just Jerky
  • Aussie Jerky
  • Geronimo Jerky
  • Territory Jerky
  • The Jerky Joint

Some reviews about different beef jerky brands around Australia are listed below:

Bigwig Jerky Co.

“I absolutely love Bigwig Jerky. Their whole range have so much flavour and aren’t too dry like other jerky companies in Australia. My favourite is definately the Chili and Lime, followed by Smoky Chorizo. Will definately be stocking up for the coming holidays camping with the family.”

Mad Cow Jerky

Featured on an international website, this company got very high ratings and reports for its product. Read the review here.

“The Mad Cow Jerky brand name is based out of Morwell, Victoria, Australia. This jerky is distributed under the name of Maryanne Collyer Delost. It all started with Maryanne making jerky for her family. Then by word of mouth, the orders started piling up. By 2014, Maryanne officially launched this Mad Cow Jerky brand name, and has not looked back. Today, her jerky is for sale in several hotels and shops, and continues to grow. With all of her flavors, you get the impression that a great deal of love and care is put into each bag of jerky with its expertly hand sliced strips of jerky.”

Barossa Fine Foods

Here is a review from an Adelaide based company, Barossa Fine Foods who make speciality beef jerky.

“I have just received some absolutely delicious Biltong and some as yet un-tasted beef Jerky from Barossa Fine Foods and will have photographs and a review up very shortly. In the meantime, I can honestly say, you don’t need to wait for the review, if you like a good ‘wet’ biltong then you will surely love theirs. My co-author hasn’t been well this past weekend, so our planned Jerky Tasting hasn’t happened yet, but I did my own little comparison tasting on Sunday trying products from Jack Link’s, Barossa Fine Foods, Territory Jerky and D.Jays.”

Bulk Beef Jerky

If you are looking to save some dollars when buying beef jerky (yes, it’s expensive) then consider buying jerky in bulk. With a minimum order quantity of 1kg, Bulk Beef Jerky offers the cheapest jerky by far on the internet. Currently there are two flavours available; Peppered and a Chilli. Order online at

D.Jay’s Gourmet

A Perth based manufacturer, D.Jay’s always please their customers with their beef jerky meat sticks, as this review highlights.

“I couldn’t resist when I stopped to get the other jerky I knew I’d want something better so I thought I might try the hard version of D.Jay’s Mild Pepper Biltong. This doesn’t come ready sliced, it’s the real deal, a long ‘rope’ of meat and as you’ll see in the picture below it doesn’t skimp on the flavouring with coriander seeds embedded in the meat. Ripping the top off this packet I don’t get a sweet smell at all, I get a really nice savoury meat smell, like a pepper steak, or a schnitzel with pepper sauce.”