That Fine Jerky

If anyone out there knows the taste of good jerky, it’s us. That is our number one specialty in our restaurant. Our jerky is made from the finest beef, and it is made with a special recipe that is a secret. That secret is the reason people come back to our restaurant. If you haven’t been to our restaurant, I advise you to try some of that jerky.


You will want a whole lot of more where that came from. Our jerky is one of a kind jerky, and we guarantee that it is made from the top quality meat. That is why it tastes so good. But the quality isn’t the only ingredient for the good taste. If you want to have a tasty meal, you need to have a team of experts that know their job. Our team of experts is the best out there.

Our staff

Our staff is probably the best staff you will find out there. They are experts, but most importantly, they know how to get the job done. They are professionals, and they will make sure that you have a pleasant stay in our restaurant. That and of course a good meal that we are famous about. So if you come to our restaurant, you will be sure that you will have a nice time with us.


It is very important to tell us your opinion and tell us what you feel about certain things. Make sure that if you notice anything that is not according to the rules of the house or general rules, that you report it to our staff and we will get on it right away. You don’t need to worry about our guests because they are all here for the food and that is that.


So if you want to have a good healthy meal in a nice ambient then come down to our restaurant and make sure you order or at least try our jerky. You will see why it is called the best jerky out there. That taste is the taste we like to call “Heavenly, ” and if you try it, you will see why. So our advice is to come on down to our restaurant and try it. We know that you will like it.